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Georges Hattab

Postdoc. I seek novel algorithms and depictions in translational research using computer vision, machine learning, and information visualization. SciFi fan, fervent hiker, and creative writer.

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Claude Shannon, father of information theory, separated information from meaning. His central dogma, “meaning is irrelevant” explained that information as a mathematical abstraction can be handled independently of meaning. The consequence of this freedom is the flood of information in which we are drowning. The sheer size of modern databases gives us a feeling of insignificance… It is our task as humans to bring meaning back into this wasteland. As finite creatures who think and feel, we can create islands of meaning in the sea of information.

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How can we imagine something that we’ve never seen? Something that may be at the edge of the world? Geometry explains a large majority of the world around us...

“Context Free”

Context Free (CF) grammars rely on shape grammars. A shape grammar consists of a set of transformation and production rules. It applies a step-by-step way to...